• "Foundational Hope"
    Sat, Apr 23
    Trevor Adams
    Hope theorists say that if S’s hope is to be rational, it is a necessary condition on hope that their subsequent belief and desire be justified. I want argue that the belief component can sometimes be unjustified, and yet the hope will remain justified.
  • "Seeking Beauty, Even in Darkness"
    Sat, Apr 23
    Michael R. Spicher
    Aesthetic experience is a basic motivation for human action, which in part leads to flourishing. It is still necessary (possibly more so) during dark times, as illustrated by people, like Primo Levi.
  • "Back to the Rough Ground: Radical Philosophy for a New Optimism"
    Sat, Apr 23
    Leo Lepiano
    Facing multiple global crises, what room is there, if any, for optimism? Is it ontologically correct? Is it psychologically possible? Can we make room for happiness without relinquishing responsibility? And does philosophy harm or help our efforts to answer these questions?

coffee hour


A new Hope?


optimism and the good life

23 Apr 2022

Philosophy can equip us with the tools to manage dark times. This workshop aims to highlight how philosophy can help brighten our lives.

  • "Meliorating Self-Doubt: How Communities Can Help Mitigate the Epistemic Harms of Microaggression"
    Apr 23, 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM PDT
    Bella-Rose Kelly | comments by Joe Glover
    Microaggression causes epistemic harm to marginalized subjects. They have cumulative effects that diminish the epistemic confidence of the subject. Communities, I argue, can help mitigate such harms by fostering the subject's epistemic confidence and providing her with hope.
  • “Dependence, Transformation, and Meaning"
    Apr 23, 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM PDT
    Philip Schwarz | comments by Laura Nelson
    I outline a reading of Alasdair MacIntyre to show how relationships of dependence shape our lives. Under the right conditions, these relationships are transformative experiences. They become meaningful and therefore valuable to us. This constitutes special moral demands.