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ApRIL 13, 2024




In this workshop we will explore philosophical topics related to love and relationships – including the ethics, metaphysics, and social politics of sex, intimacy, friendship, commitment, caring, heartbreak, and desire.

We're live on YouTube!  Stream now:


  • Zoom Room Opens

  • Opening Remarks (Jen Foster and Cassie Finley)

  • TeachTok: What Do You Say On Their First Day? (Darren Domsky)

  • New Take On Old Ideas: Confronting a Pernicious Misreading of Plato’s Cave Allegory (Nathan "Eric" Dickman)

  • New Take On Old Ideas: Teaching Phenomenology Through Embodied Experiences (John Thomas Brittingham)

  • Course Narratives: Introduction to Philosophy - A Toolbox for Living (Janet D. Stemwedel)

  • Course Narratives: Perspectives in Philosophy (Mitchell Conway)

  • Ok, But Can We Talk About ChatGPT (Panelists: Michael Otteson, Antony Aumann, Mike Ashfield, Cassie Finley)

  • New Take On Old Ideas: Illustrating the History and Geography of Philosophy (Fabien-Denis Cayer)

  • Book Panel: "The Art of Teaching Philosophy" (Kris Phillips, Corey Reed, John Koolage)

  • Cogtweeto Happy Hour

  • Zoom Room Opens

  • Teaching Philosophy As: The Inescapable Intellectual Activity That It Is (Brian J Collins)

  • Teaching Philosophy "Pro-Tip": Increasing Accessibility (Jen Foster)

  • Teaching Philosophy "Pro-Tip": Increasing Accessibility (Stefaniia Sidorova)

  • Teaching Philosophy As: Cultivating Virtue (Evan Dutmer)

  • Course Narrative & Design: Fitting Language in Philosophy (Lawrence A. Whitney)

  • Course Narrative & Design: Modernity, Dialogue, and Exclusion (Andrew Stewart)

  • Ok, But Can We Talk About The Elephant In The Room (Philosophy Twitter is Dead) (Jen Foster and Cassie Finley)

  • New Take On Old Ideas: Education as Midwifery (Ingrid Mae De Jesus)

  • AAPT Teaching Hub | "Do the Thing: Teaching with Practical Workshops” (C. Thi Nguyen, Cat Saint-Croix, Meg Wallace)

  • AAPT Teaching Hub | "Intergenerational Dialogue on the Meaning of Life" (Hope Sample)

  • Closing Remarks (Jen Foster and Cassie Finley)

  • Cogtweeto Happy Hour

Saturday, April 13 / all times PDT


Helen De Cruz
Wonder Award

On top of a sweet lineup of philosophy talks, we are proud to be presenting at CogSweeto the first ever Helen De Cruz Wonder Award — a new Cogtweeto initiative to recognize philosophers for exceptional positive impact on the philosophy profession, larger philosophical community, and greater social world.


The award recognizes philosophers whose dedication to and joy in wonder has inspired, challenged, and positively shaped the lives of those around them. We can think of no better namesake or inaugural recipient for such an award than Professor Helen De Cruz — a Cogtweeto alum and personal inspiration to philosophers around the globe. 

We invite you to join us in presenting this honor to Professor De Cruz by submitting a note of appreciation for how they have inspired you. 

Notes submitted before the end of the day on April 11 will be eligible to be read aloud at CogSweeto. (Let us know if you would prefer instead that we deliver yours to Prof. De Cruz privately). We will read as many as time permits!

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