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Course Narrative and Design

Preparing your submission

Unless you are submitting a TeachTok proposal, your submission should be prepared for anonymous review. Written submissions should be in PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

Intended audience

fellow philosophy instructors


present, compare, & discuss what makes for a good philosophy course; propose different through-line narratives for framing courses; promote ways of moving beyond the canon & organizing classes merely according to discrete content-units

Proposal should include

  • Proposed course title/topic

  • Outline of proposed course structure (list of topics, readings, and/or assignments)

  • Explanation of overarching course-narrative and the philosophical &/or pedagogical motivations behind it (<400 words)

  • Brief description of philosophical &/or pedagogical drawkbacks/ limitations (if any) of proposed course-narrative (<100 words)



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Upload File

Thanks for submitting to CogTeacho!

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