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"Teaching Philosophy as a Way of ______"

Preparing your submission

Unless you are submitting a TeachTok proposal, your submission should be prepared for anonymous review. Written submissions should be in PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

Intended audience

fellow philosophy instructors, those with backgrounds in philosophy


what is philosophy? how do we communicate the nature of philosophy, its value, expertise, methods, & practitioners through our teaching? these talks should expand & challenge how we think of the aims, possibilities, values, & nature of teaching philosophy

Proposal should include

  • Extended abstract outlining proposed framing of teaching philosophy "as a way of _____" (should include some combination of explicit discussion of what philosophy is, the value of it, what constitutes expertise in philosophy, and who philosophy is for/who philosophers are) (500-750 words)

  • Specific, concrete examples of ways to implement proposed framing in the classroom (e.g., assignments, topics, assessments, grading, activities, readings, syllabi) (300-500 words)



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