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"Ok, But Can We Talk About ______?"

Preparing your submission

Unless you are submitting a TeachTok proposal, your submission should be prepared for anonymous review. Written submissions should be in PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

Intended audience

fellow philosophy instructors


discuss an issue, topic, or pressing challenge related to teaching philosophy/teaching in acade philosophy (e.g., inclusivity, ChatGPT, balancing workloads, political issues, etc.); consider possibly solutions or ways forward

Proposal should include

  • Pitch for proposed roundtable/panel discussion (<450 words)

  • Description of proposed format (how many speakers, whether they will mini presentations prior to open discussion, what those presentations would be about)

  • Name, email, relation to academic philosophy (e.g., student, instructor, former student/instructor, non-philosophy academic), and twitter handle (if relevant) of presenter(s)

  • List of prospective questions/topics to discuss during the session



Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting to CogTeacho!

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