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"Life Pro Tips" [Philosophy Teaching Edition]

Preparing your submission

Unless you are submitting a TeachTok proposal, your submission should be prepared for anonymous review. Written submissions should be in PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

Intended audience

fellow philosophy instructors


share a bite-sized easy-to-implement "pro tip" or learning tool to improve teaching in philosophy

Proposal should include

  • Description of philosophy teaching "life pro-tip" (LPT) (<50words)

  • Explanation of the LPT's pedagogical
    motivations/payoffs (as well as possible difficulties/costs) (<100words)

  • Concrete LPT application example, ideally from your own teaching experience (<100words)

  • Concrete suggestions for implementing the tool or trick; examples (if any) of pitfalls to avoid while using it (<50words



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Thanks for submitting to CogTeacho!

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